Net neutrality is a happening of the year with literally everyone taking the side of the internet to support it. Net neutrality is just a principle which states that people should be able to access information of any kind and in any manner without any discrimination without any control from the service providers. In other words, there shouldn’t be any control over what you can see and watch and access online. Without the neutrality of the net in place, there are many service providers taking advantage of this to reap the most amount of money. Many ISPs like to, for instance, Verizon, Comcast, idea broadband that redirects people to other websites when we search for particular information or link mainly because this is where they make a lot of money.


Service providers are being paid to make sure that their websites are the ones being clicked on the most. The ad revenue that they receive is in the millions of dollar range. Net neutrality would prevent this by making sure that people are being allowed to use the internet lawfully and to content equally without their being any preference of website and ISP user. Internet service providers are being provided with faster internet just so that sites like Google and google chrome work faster than other search engines and web browsers. Now because of this, even online access is charged, and companies would end up charging consumers with extra because of the additional expenses it has to offer.

On January with the Verizon Lawsuit that took place, the Washington DC court struck down an appeal to bring down the net neutrality. The court made It clear that such access of the internet was indeed being built on flawed grounds; however, it doesn’t mean that they have to shut it down entirely and that it can be made better over time. The main argument was that internet service providers choose who are the winners and who are the losers. Online services like facebook, skype, youtube, etc have to pay these ISPs just so that they’re content is being delivered much quicker and faster to the users. This is absurd as it would spoil the experience for those who have other broadband options .the reputation of the broadband goes down, and so does its internet speed. The FCC opened its ears to the public online by accepting proposals for Net Neutrality rules and received a 4 million record-breaking comments on its ideas that it had from the public.


With this the FCC has passed, on the 26th of February, the open internet order, where the strongest of net neutrality is being implemented. There is no longer any blocking or discrimination. This led to a lot of changes by many ISPS companies with them rushing around changing their policies and terms of condition to meet these changes.  However, the war isn’t over as the newly appointed chairman of the FCC Ajit pair has set out to eliminate net neutrality and is currently winning.


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