Humans, as we know them to express themselves in many ways. They can paint, draw, sculpt, cook, and pour out their heart into great deals of work. Some artist like Leonardo Da Vinci has spent 16 years painting the Mona Lisa who is currently worth 1 billion Euros. Today, however, more than singing, it is dancing that the most expressive way someone can show how they feel. Anybody can dance. The song is another thing, but not everyone can do so. They are many forms of dancing. Here you go, some of the most popular types of dancing that you should try.


  • Ballet

Ballet was created in the 15th century. It was first made in Italy, then in France. With many years put into this art form, dance is now a very influential art form that has taken over the industry with many of its dancers aiming to become some of the best in the world. there are three basic styles

Classical: story driven

Neoclassical: movements are faster and more realistically urgent.

Contemporary: pure physical movement and expressions of the face

  • Jazz dancing

It relies mostly on the genuineness and improvisation. It is very bold and dramatic usually with body movements, isolations, and contractions. It has its origins in the African Traditions kept alive by the Negroes that came to the US as Slaves. Over time it evolved into a style which is a revolutionary movement and has its clubs all over the States.

  • Tap dancing

This is also a dance style which originated out of the African dance where the slaves used spears and jumped around. The slaves who were brought to the US were the ones who introduced this form of dancing to the world. They wear particular types of shoes which have metal taps that are used to make beats which are timely. Music is rarely used because it is the tap dancers who make the music themselves using their shoes.

  • Hip-hop dancing

Another form of dancing that emerged from jazz dance, the style of hip-hop came out onto the streets of New York by the African Americans and the Puerto Ricans at the same time as Rap And DJing. There s a lot of popping locking and dropping involved. There are a lot of hip-hop crews now which are dominating the space of dance with their energy and spirit and often hold competitions to show who is in charge and who is the best crew when it comes to Hip Hop dancing. The franchise move Step Up is a full series of movies which has hip-hop at its center.

  • Belly dancing

This form of dancing emerged from the folk traditions of the Middle East, but the true origins of this form of dancing are unclear. There Is sophisticated footwork, and a lot of the focus goes to the belly and torso. They like to combine a series of fluid movements to go with the rhythm of middle eastern music.


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