Air is the best and the most exciting medium for people to explore the Grand Canyon. This is possible through the Grand Canyon helicopter tour that is available for all the visitors who choose to continue their exploration by air. The Grand Canyon helicopter tour agencies are allowed to fly their helicopters approximately to an altitude of 1000 feet which is significantly lower than an Airbus. The vastness of the Grand Canyon provides all the tourists with the beautiful view of the sights that they can see for among the vastness while they fly in the air. Several helicopters provide the Grand Canyon tour to the visitors. Among the best helicopters is the Bell helicopter that has large-sized windows, the Eco-Star helicopter that operates on the quiet-technology and creates lesser noise during the tour. The narration inside the helicopter given to the tourists to describe facts about the Grand Canyon is given using multiple languages that the tourists coming from different parts of the world can understand.


The tourists can choose the best helicopter according to their choice and budget to take a tour around the Grand Canyon and explore it to the maximum. Irrespective of what a person is doing during these helicopter tours of Grand Canyon or fixed-wing tours a top view, i.e., a bird’s eye view is a treat to the eyes. There are no other activities that can stand in front of this amazing visual feast. Every year there are nearly half a million visitors to the Grand Canyon who takes a fixed-wing air tour or a helicopter tour. There are basically three locations from where the helicopter tour starts, firstly Las Vegas in Nevada or Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan which is outside the South Rim or Sedona in Arizona. The flights are of varied range in length as well as price. However one does not need to worry as there are tour plans suiting everyone’s budget, age, and ability. There are other options too like packaging the Grand Canyon helicopter tour with other activities like jeep tours, horseback riding, and skywalks in the Grand Canyon and boat rides. The rush of adrenaline and the extraordinary views of the Grand Canyons make this helicopter tour unbeatable.  

Whenever a person plans to visit Las Vegas for business, vacation or any other reason, they must visit Grand Canyon with the help of a helicopter. The helicopters of Grand Canyon- Las Vegas have the capacity to land just at the bottom of the Canyon. Las Vegas is closest to Grand Canyon, and this is why landing there gets so easy. The western part of Grand Canyon is being developed and looked after by a Native tribe of America, the Hualapai tribal. The tour of helicopter starts from Boulder City and stops at major hotels for pickups. Taste of people is different; hence everyone has a unique idea and plan of visiting the Grand Canyon. Thus the tours are designed accordingly.


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