Whether it be from your history textbook or the Dan Brown movies, Leonardo da Vinci’s works are said to be some of the sophisticated pieces of artwork in human history. His artwork has survived for centuries, and millions of dollars are spent to ensure that there isn’t any damage and that proper care is given for these artworks. His works are above those like Raphael and Michelangelo. The very definition of Renaissance can be seen from his artwork. He was born in Tuscan Hamlet near Vinci. He became an intern for Andrea Del Verrocchio, a sculptor for nine years. His mentor was an essential figure In the art world. He is known for his quote  “ Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication.”

Here are some of the top Artworks of Leonardo Da Vinci


  • The Mona Lisa

One of the most sophisticated artworks of Leonardo da Vinci. Able to paint this picture to utmost perfection with evident geometry symmetry and alignment in every part of his painting. People are now able to figure out whether the Mona Lisa is a Man or a woman. The Person depicted in the picture is neither smiling fully nor is happy. He spent a total of 16 years working on this priceless piece of art. The Mona Lisa doesn’t have any eyebrows. Then there is the optical illusion that the Mona Lisa’s eyes follow you where ever you go. From whatever or whichever angle you look at it from you will notice that she supports you where ever you see. This was recently discovered to be an optical illusion by a scientist.


  • The last supper

Everyone got to know about this painting and its secrets from the movie, the Da Vinci code by dan brown which starred Tom Hanks. It’s a picture of Jesus stating that someone would betray him from his group. The photo shows all his disciples in shock. He is sitting next to the woman who is said to be Mary Magdalene, a woman Jesus brought out seven demons. She is supposed to be(with much historical evidence such as Jewish men above 31 cannot remain unmarried) the wife of Jesus. This painting is said to depict that by showing the woman on the right side of Jesus wearing the exact clothing and color, but they are wearing it inverted. If we change the position of Mary’s head to the other hand, then it would be in such a way that marys head would be on Jesus’s shoulder. The symmetry and painting is flawless like all of Da Vinci’s works and is said to be some of the most revolutionary works in the making of human history

  • Self-portrait in red chalk

The original painting is supposed to be kept secretly somewhere where no one can see it. It is said that those who look at the eyes of Da Vinci in the original picture would give the person supernatural powers. It is said that Hitler invaded many of the European countries so that he could get his hands on it. Many disagree with them, but no evidence has been backed up in their disagreement.


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